Retreat Missives

at Arrowhead Point

July 2020 Newletter

Eight years have elapsed since our last posted missive.

This Developer apologizes for failing to keep you updated on the website News Page.

During that time much has changed in each of our lives and, especially, in the life of our country of Freedom Loving Families!

As changes demanded; our lives, though altered, continued to be Blessed even as the Developers’ plans were put on hold.

The one constant thru it all, is the charismatic Spirituality and Beauty of these Nantahalas’ , that we are so blessed to share.

Arrowhead Point Retreat has seen new families arrive ,and with disappointment seen some Families depart. New homes were finished( The Hachts, and The Moores );New sites were sold( The Sinocruzes,and The Sharps ) during that time.

Sadly , we wished The Hachts', The Gellners', and the Covins' farewell as each encountered personal changes in their Families and Lives.

Happily ,we welcomed The Leslie and Mike Sinocruz, Dutch and Amy Holland,Donna and Nicholas Sharp,Larry Robinson and Jane Benton Families to Arrowhead Point Retreat.

For Arrowhead Point, good things are ,yet, to happen.(Hopefully Rick and Patrice will return from Alaska to' join in’ ; we miss you two) ! As Families are the Heartbeat of Her existence, Martha and I want to thank each of you for making, ours, One Cohesive Family at Arrowhead Point.

Clear skies to all,

E & M

December 2012 Newsletter

We close this year with a "Merry Christmas" to each of you; may the coming year continue happiness in our homes and an elevation of Godliness in our wonderful Country.

Prayer from these awesome mountain/lake surroundings seems to have a more beautiful connection, unequaled with the other locations in our lives.

Guess it's called Spiritual Mountain Connection?

With each visit this coming year, may you enjoy them with your Creator, Father, God...however you may perceive His boundless, unfathomable presence.

Blessings to all,
Martha, Emory and Children

January/February 2012 Newsletter

“Simply Awesome” describes the mountain/lake views from Janice and Johns’ completed home on their “bear den” Lot #13. Jerry Campbell Construction finished their beautiful home just in time for the 2011 year end decorations and family gatherings. Congratulations on your Arrowhead Point Retreat dwelling. Martha and I just wish all prospective buyers in these western North Carolina Mountains could see what our dream is becoming through each of our Retreat families’ eyes.

Guess what? You are going to meet a “family oriented”, wonderful couple from the Gainesville, FL area. Thanks to the assistance of Kevin Moore, with Nantahala Realty, they bought Lot #4, closed in September and have begun construction. Dick Strahan is their contractor. If you remember, Dick did Barb and Chris’ spectacular home on Lot #3.

Welcome Dick and Nancy! Hopefully, we all can meet and greet at our annual APHOA meeting scheduled for May 12, 2012.

Richard Jones with Asheville’s Keller Williams North Market Team Luxury Homes sent out an electronic flyer for his Board of Realtors. He also had his professional photographer do a shoot for a virtual tour of our model home. Enjoy these links!

Patrice did pour her last Coke at headquarters! Congratulations on your retirement! After you two get through travelling, we hope to see you walking to your Lot #24 for relaxation and planning for that home at the mountain/lake Retreat.

Theresa & Eric, is retirement on the horizon for you? We need you up here to help us enjoy this place. Come dream on your Lot #25…as, do, we need Wellyn & Dr. Joe; your Lot #10 is crying for construction!

It was fun having wine and dinner with Trish and Jeff this summer. Their mentoring leads us to believe our Retreat could have done no better, given the real estate crisis this country faces. Thanks for your encouragement. It’s nice having the “school of business” academia represented in our Retreat!

When we aren’t there, Barb, you and Chris are our eyes at the project. Thanks for keeping us posted as your frequent trips up permit. Martha says thanks for the many evenings of wine and dinner for her man… I think she’s talking about me! We would have loved to have seen that lake view from your great room picture window as seventy mile an hour winds stirred up some pretty hefty white caps last fall and took down some pretty hefty trees.

Our sister project, Reflections, is showing success with Jon Flaigs’ village concept. He has sold four lots in the past year in a tough real estate market. Just goes to show us how lucky we are to be in this part of Gods’ creation.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
Martha and Emory

PS- September 18th we took pictures of the magnificent pair of Bald Eagles back at their nest. It is amazing to watch them here on the lake. We have a perfect view from Arrowhead Point!

January/ February 2011

Trish and Jeff arrived through a 12” snow just after Christmas and stayed through more snow after New Year’s. She reflected, “It was simply a beautifully relaxing time.” Martha and I enjoyed a great meal and true fellowship with them in their wonderful home setting. Thanks again!

Jon Flaig is introducing a “Village Concept” to one area of his development- Reflections. Good luck, Jon, with the adjustment to combat these market changes.

Although our ten slip common area dock is still in Dukes’ pipeline for approval, Lisa Leatherman, the Lake Management Director, is considering a temporary approval for moving one of our docks to that location until the ten slip is constructed. With no detriment to the lake bed, she did permit us to install anchoring devices while the lake level was low. Thanks Lisa! We were supervised by a family of otters during installation.

The eagle nest is active again this year. Beautiful birds even though they deplete our trout from the pool. It’s fun watching them around the nest.

Evelyn Owens at Keller Williams has added a visual tour of the project to her website, It compliments the video she posted of Lake Nantahala and Arrowhead Point Retreat. Thanks Evelyn!

Kevin and Gay Moore at Nantahala Realty are excited about the activity now occurring. He showed one of our lakefront lots. It’s a wait and see game. Thanks for your encouragement, Kevin!

The Shackletons’ windows arrived mid January to a 15” snow. Wish you could have seen that tractor trailer drivers’ eyes as he had to back down the snowy drive to unload! It’s great to see their home closed in now.

Barb and Chris shared an enjoyable dinner and tour of their finished lower level living area with Martha and me. What a great addition to an already beautiful home. Thanks again Barb and Chris.

We hope Patrice is going to pour her last Coke at Headquarters soon and begin sipping them permanently at Arrowhead Point Retreat. Just maybe, they will get footings poured for construction giving her onsite supervision work, if and when she retires!

Any good marketing ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Emory and Martha

November/ December 2010

Terri & Eric, your Trout Pool lot was beautiful during the heavy snowfall between Christmas and New Year’s. Wish we could have been enjoying that Ft. Myers weather with you, as well!

Rick Rosenblooms’ idea for our November 18th marketing strategy meeting proved to be informative. Realtors, bankers, homeowners, architectural designers and developers were represented. Dialogue centered around competing with the flood of foreclosures and short sales sucking the oxygen out of our real estate market. It appears the first quarter of 2011, according to Wells Fargo’s rep- Karen Plemmons, will see an additional flood of distressed property dumped into the market. Whew! The uniqueness of the Lake Nantahala location may be an important positive for us. Not many short sales have occurred here. To compete in the current market, Rick agreed his paring of Chattahoochee Timberframes and Moss Creek Designs’ rep- Erwin Loveland- may tack toward a downsizing structurally without yielding to loss of quality. Martha and I have agreed to our realtors’ suggestion to reduce the lot pricing to coincide with the county’s depreciated values. There are only 24 lots unsold.

To build our Family of Families at Arrowhead Point, networking personal contacts was suggested. John Shackleton says he and Janice are looking forward to guests joining them when Campbell Construction completes their home. Let’s hope some may love the project enough to join them here.

September/October 2010

Jerry Campbell’s Construction crew is booming along on John and Janice’s Lot #13 custom home. As of the end of October, framing is complete to the dry stage… great for productive work these chilly months ahead!

Janice, your structure orientation, capturing the native granite view on one side, plus the spectacular mountain/lake view from the front, makes that great room, screened porch, and abundant deck an enviable living area! Thanks for taking Arrowhead Point Retreat a step further in fulfilling the Developer’s dream.

Our marketing plans continue with Rick Rosenblooms’ Chattahoochee Timber Frame Company ( partnering with Moss Creek Designs to bring custom plans, unique to each of this projects’ lots.

Trish and Jeff, the nature path to your private dock is an awesome engineering feat. Those guys did an excellent job “laying it in” to the prevailing slope. We admire the exterior stain you selected; your homes’ “lake appeal” is enhanced by it’s blending to the ridges natural settings. Heavens! What a presence you have created for this retreat! Your contractor, Red Fifer, and his artisans did a remarkable job. We enjoy visiting, to catch your latest landscape enhancement, each time we cross paths from our Winston-Salem trip up.

Complementing their websites’ slide show, Evelyn Owens at Franklins’ Keller Williams office is enhancing that site ( HYPERLINK "" with an Arledge Armenaki video of Lake Nantahala and Arrowhead Point Retreats’ features. His ten years teaching at the North Carolina School of the Arts prepared him for his current position as Director of Photography and Professor of Cinematography at Western Carolina University. Can’t wait to view it, Evelyn.

Just peaked fall foliage, back dropped views that appeared to change hourly with life on the lake. The great room window at Barb and Chris’ Lot #3 residence gives the warmest, most poignant seasonal panoramic views of these changes…looking down across the lake, wind patterns and boat wakes on the waters surface blend with “cloud laced” sunsets across the western saddle of these Nantahala ridges. My, what peace of mind and soul is harvested from that window. Their builder, Dick Strahan, left them a superior quality home for social outings to be shared with visiting family from England (Barbs origin) and valued friends cultivated through their professions. Chris, your landscaped walks and Barb, your flower and plant selections make our project even more desirable. Thank you!

Joe and Wellyns’ Lot #10, Eric and Terri’s Lot #25, and Patrice and Rick’s Lot #24 are eagerly anticipated projects as their life’s plans materialize.

Both Gay Moore of Nantahala Realty and Evelyn Owens at Keller Williams are prepared to show the Retreats’ only available home, finally completed this year. It’s a beauty worth considering if your interest is in a secure investment.

One of the daytrip highlights of September was the Macon County Agricultural Fair. It was a free and fun exposition of this mountain county’s heritage.

The Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts continues to offer a varied venue for an evening out.

Given the current economic situation, we are fortunate, custom construction continues at Arrowhead Point Retreat.

Just confirms the quality of your and our project, doesn’t it?

Martha and Emory Crawford

August 2010

That skittish black bear (July News) our daughter Pam, with husband Mark Dellinger, recorded on camera posed a bit of excitement later in the day. He was found across the ridge munching corn in the live trap, set for wild boar. He was carefully released without harm to bear or man! Their children (Nikki with her fiancée Kennedy Martinez and our great-granddaughter Jolene, and Travis with his guest Matthew Webb) continued wildlife interaction and water sports including scuba diving. Matthew’s Alaskan doll sheep hunting trip next week with his dad will probably offer a wider variety of wildlife, but I wonder….

Another daughter and her family (Mandi and Dennis Whisenhunt with their children Dalton, Jenna and Carson) along with the Vandiver family, Allen and Rae, and their children Des, Bobby and Thad, and Dalton’s friend Blake Wise enjoyed the lake while sailing, jet skiing, sight seeing, tubing, and relaxing around the campfire at Camp Sequoyah’s rustic Grouse Nest Lodge. A highlight of their trip was acquiring “Polar Bear Club” status- hiking up the trail through mountain laurel and standing under the chilly cascading waters of the thundering 30’-40’ high Clear Creek Falls. Not too many can boast that certification! Big congratulations to Dalton, Blake and their Senior Division Little League team for winning the North Carolina State Championship!!!

As of 8-20-10, the foundation is in place, the subfloor is laid, and the first floor is framed for the #94 Arrowhead Point East residence. Their architect has created, with the owners input, a final design capturing the essence of this magnificent Lot #13 here in the Retreat. John and Janice- we can’t wait to see your finished product!

Their initial visit to the open house at Arrowhead Point and ensuing introduction to Lake Nantahala was an “eye opener” for our co-listing agents- Franklins’ Keller Williams Realty Group.

They will be holding their Annual Company Picnic event August 28th at Camp Sequoyah on Nantahala Lake. We wish them a great day!!!

July 2010

Our Lake Nantahala families enjoyed a beautiful July 4th weekend- fireworks, boat parade, great food and fellowship!

An Arrowhead Point Retreat Open House is set for July 31st. See the Riverbend Timberframe link for details.

For attendees from years past, 1950’s through 1978, our Camp Sequoyah reunion sponsored by the Little Tennessee Land Trust was a spiritually moving event. Some attendees even dared a renewal visit to the lake fed Clear Creek Falls, dubbed “Polar Bear Falls”. For those brave enough to stand under her thirty foot cascading waters, it was a renewing memorable moment.

Our new co-listing agent is Evelyn Owens. She and ten of her brokers from the Franklin Keller-Williams office were amazed with their introduction tour of Lake Nantahala, Arrowhead Point Retreat, and the Lot #1 TimberFrame Model Home. Check them for their critique at

U.S. Fish & Wildlife biologist, Mark Cantrell, arrived July 19th to chronicle the eagle nest (visible from the Retreat). We had informed him of the three hatchlings departing with their mom just two days before. His Gulf tour to the oil spill had prevented his earlier planned trip to film them. He also gave the U.S. Fish & Wildlife approval for our ten slip marina common area at Arrowhead Point.

Wildlife tales abound at the Arrowhead Lands Developers’ family property:
A family of river otters, cruising playfully at the lakes edge, bypassed our trout pools’ rainbow inventory, Thank Heaven!! A wild boar, destructive to the forest flora, was not so fortunate. He was harvested from the Camp Sequoyah property this past week. Depredation permits allow such harvesting.

Deer, now with fawns, browse vetch and eat blackberries from off our Retreat roads. Wild turkeys, but no ruffed grouse so far this summer, are continually sighted. Finally, a skittish black bear turned momentarily for camera shots while eating plump, sweet blackberries before trotting off around the trout pond.

June 20, 2009

Record Kokanee Salmon

A record setting 3 lb. 9 oz. Kokanee Salmon was caught from Lake Nantahala by Ashley Swann.

Although native to the western United States, the Kokanee was stocked in the 1960's toward establishing a forage fish for the lake trout.

Lake Nantahala is the only high elevation body of water in North Carolina suporting the Kokanee Salmon.

Custom Home
For Sale

Custom Home for Sale

Try this Riverbend timber frame home, custom designed by Richard Rosenbloom of Chattahoochee Timber Frames, LLC. Completed July 2010. (Just in time to put your tax refund to work accessorizing, this, your new home.)

Priced with secluded, private boat slip, by tram access only to our lakeside 5 slip marina.
At $1,195,000.00

View here